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  • 5 HABITS which help YOU to BUILD YOUR FORTUNE with stocks successfully!

  • 5 HABITS that are implemented by the GREAT INVESTORS like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Joel Greenblatt, David Einhorn, Monish Pabrai etc., too! 

What you will learn!

Get to know the mistakes and stumbling stones when investing and learn to avoid !

The Secrets of 

Intelligent Investing

Free yourself from bank and investment advisors and products you don't really want.

Create the conditions for successful investing in the stock market.

Win the FREEDOM to make your own investment decisions!

Control the RISK & keep it as low as possible!

Make yourself independent of investment gurus and make meaningful and intelligent investment decisions yourself.

Why you should attend!

Founder & CEO 

Bridge2Fortune® Academy

Oliver Hauschke

Oliver has over 25 years of experience in investing and is active as a private Value Investor.

Unlike many other online seminars that promise to get rich quick, Oliver is keen to show YOU what investing really is all about. It is important for him to teach you well-founded strategies with which you can really take action immediately and be successful in the long run.

Oliver has built up his own fortune that way. 

 With his strategy, he follows great investors 

like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Howard Marks, 

Philip Fisher, Joel Greenblatt, Monish Pabrai etc.

"The private investor has an advantage over the stock exchange and the professional participants, which he should not underestimate."

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